What we do

Baraka has a vision to revolutionize the travel industry by mainstreaming sustainable tourism methodology, through our unique approach to the development of tourism sites and experiences. Our tourism consulting services employ creative and innovative approaches to deliver solutions that work. We believe in driving business change by designing and implementing tourism experiences that empower and include local communities. Our services include:


Tourism Assessments Destination Development
For clients interested in developing new tourism experiences, Baraka can assess the existing site within the context of the area it is in and how it falls on the national scale of tourism behavior. This service can also include tourism audits where all tourism related facilities and experiences in a specific area are quantified. Baraka offers services to assess a potential tourism site and creates a master plan for the development and implementation of the site including green architecture design, marketing strategies and marketing representation. We design and build sites with a unique bottom up approach, relying on what the environment and local culture offer and adapting that wealth of an experience to traveler needs.
Visitor Experience Development Tourism Marketing Strategy
Tourism is an experience, and we specialize in creating effortless flow for travelers to experience, enjoying, and learning in your facility/site. This service includes creating visitor management plans, information panels, branding, routes and trails. Baraka is specialized in creating lasting and effective marketing strategies that help you identify the best clientele for your product, and reach them directly with the correct messaging. We also believe in driving change through educating consumers, and what better way to play a role in mainstreaming responsible travel through your marketing.
Training Programs Zoning Plans
We conduct assessments of the needs of a specific community to engage in tourism in their specific area and design specialized curriculums and trainings to meet their needs. Community based tourism often fails because the locals are weak in marketing their projects or guides are not specialized; we address this challenge to ensure the sustainability of community based tourism projects. We create zoning plans for large plots of land for multiple uses including conservation, rehabilitation, as well as development. This includes equations that dictate sacrifice zones that encourages economic opportunity to subsidize the cost of conservation.
Trail Mapping and Development Environmental Impact Assessments
We design hiking, biking, and driving routes that showcase the best of what the site has to offer taking into account leaving a minimal footprint on the environment. We assess sites based on cultural wealth, natural beauty, and accessibility. Two of our consultants are specialized in environmental impact assessments (EIA) and have excellent experience working on some of the biggest EIA’s that have been conducted in the region. Our approach is honest and uncompromising to the environment.